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It only requires a few unplanned events to make
a day full of fun !

The name of the meeting place turned out to be Sunshine Plaza, not Sunshine Mall. The ride Fred planned had a "Bridge Closed". The DQ Mark remembered took a couple tries to find, and the turn Vince thought we should take turned out to be a mile to soon. However we made it to the meeting place, ate more than we should have, had a nice ride toped off with a Dairy Queen.
Who could ask for more

Click for larger image.
We did get a few picture<
Mendi and Doug as well as Debra and Paul joined us for the first time.

A shot in the parking lot and one at the table. Debra and Debbi, Paul and Doug, Mendi and Pat.

It was good to see Neal, although he had to come in his cage because his rear ended Valkyrie is still in the shop,
Tony with his "Cruz" art repainted and
What's his name _____ whose name I just can't remember at the moment. (sorry)
Dale and Connie and Jack stopped by to say hi too.

We did get to Jimmy Walkers Honda Shop and a few folks picked up much needed treasures.

September 1, in South Daytona
Country Harvest Buffet"
2400 S. Ridgewood Ave.
S. Daytona Beach FL

$6.45 all you can eat. (yes they have some BBQ stuff)

It's across the street from Jimmy Walkers.

Also, this is where all the stuff for the valks will be at bikefest. Meet around 11:00, kick tires, eat around 12:00.

After eating maybe stop by Jimmy Walkers for new toys or add to the wish list. Plus maybe take a ride up to Ormond Beach under the trees for a little relief from the sun. The beach is only a few blocks over from the bridges.

Hope to see you there.