Mission statement

Our mission is simple.  It is to ride the "dragon"! It is to establish friendships with others, promote freedom of expression, and preserve our right to ride. Don't be mislead! There are those that would have your bike look like a metal box on two wheels! Our chapter encourages brother/sisterhood among all motorcyclists. For no matter what kind of bike one rides, there remains a common ground. But for those of us that have chosen the Valkyrie, there has been an awe-inspiring experience that cannot be denied. For it is a motorcycle that blends beauty and performance, power and strength, speed and agility! And because of the hard work of others, and the loyal owners of the "dragon", we have the VRCC. A club that has made it possible for Valk enthusiasts to meet and ride with others, to communicate and participate from coast to coast and even around the world! Our NY chapter wishes all other chapters the very best and safe riding year after year. Ride on!