Ohio's People are the  the overwhelming assets  and benefits of this Chapter

God Bless America,
Home Of The Brave.

Welcome to the VRCC Ohio Chapter

Ohio is a great place to be a biker. Valkyrie Motorcycles were built right here in Marysville, Ohio.  Just about every biker here has been to and seen the Honda Motorcycle Plant, AMA Motorcycle Museum, and Mid-Ohio Race Track. Most every Ohio biker has also experienced what it's like to take an extended ride in the late afternoon sun through rolling hills, to flat farmlands with billowing crop. Sometimes even getting caught in a fresh summer rain is pleasurable, as lush greenery from grass and trees greet and excite your senses. Every turn begs to be ridden as you seek new rural roads awaiting your discovery. Come on Brothers and Sisters join up and ride with us and experience the joy of sharing the road.

We are group that rides, whatever... we enjoy riding, so it doesn't matter what brand name bike your riding, you'll be comfortable riding with us, you'll be accepted as one of us, and you'll be family like one of us.

Ride Ohio in 2006 with the Best Motorcycle Chapter in the Nation, become an Ohio Dragon Rider. It's fun, It's entertaining, it's family, and most of all It's FREE to all!



                                                                Serving Ohio Bikers for Ever!

Keep Your Rights

             Soldier Weghorst Serving you daily.

Ohio has chosen one of America's Finest. Until his safe return to us,

we lift this one soldier up for your protection and guidance Lord.

                                                    Mark and Teresa Weghorst's son.

Please Visit and send your card to our service men and women over seas

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