Host a Ride


Got a Ride you want to share with your fellow Valkers,
but you're not quite sure what is required?

Well, it's not all that hard, and here are some general guidelines.



We select our rides based on who is willing to host the ride, rather than on distance or location. Some are longer, and every few months we seem to do an overnighter. Some are shorter. Just depends on where the host wants to go. Some revolve around an event that a lot of riders would go to anyway (like Long Beach or like Laughlin in April). Some have a location to ride to, a destination event or lunch at a nearby member's home. Then everyone rides home on their own. Each one is different, and depends on the host.

So, what do you have to do?

Well, first of all, being the host doesn't mean you have to (physically) lead the ride (although you certainly may-and we'll help you). If you would be more comfortable with having someone else lead, there are plenty of experienced riders. So, you need (or will be) the Ride Leader, a mid-pack experienced rider, and a couple of drag riders (we carry out our dead and wounded). 

Being a host means you have to do all the hard work of getting it together. You have to figure out where to start, knowing that gas and food (coffee, etc.) are available, where to go, how to get there, where to stop for gas along the way, where to have lunch and a meeting and where to end the ride.  If it's an overnighter, you need to find a place to meet in the evening wherever we are staying.  And of course you have to be there, to be the host. You get to set the pace (presuming you lead), and are responsible for anticipating if the ride should be broken up into smaller groups.  Some may wish to blast down the freeway, and drag their pegs through the twisties, some may wish to see the sights.  We will help you figure that out, and get the necessary group leaders.  You get to make the decisions, answer the questions and conduct the pre-ride meeting.  The best thing is, if any problems come up, you are with a bunch of your friends, and all will help in figuring it out.

Additionally, a week or so before the ride, you need to do a pre-ride, covering the route you plan on using for the ride. New road repair, construction, demolition, closed restaurants, closed roads, closed gas stations are all things you don't want to find out about the day of the ride. When you do the pre-ride, you do it with an eye toward maneuvering a 20 bike train through the terrain you've selected. You anticipate that gas stops will take longer with a bigger group (usually half an hour) and that lunch generally takes an hour and a half.  As you are working out the details, someone will help you with any fine tuning. As soon as we agree on the rough outline of the ride (date/general area), we will put up the ride page - and we're off!

I'm sure we're making it sound a lot harder than it actually is.
We've all led some rides, and it's a good experience.

Give it a shot!


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