Roberts Wreck  
  I was involved in a motorcycle accident around 7:50 am on the morning of Friday,
October 22nd on US 75 / Central Expressway, between the Campbell Road and
Arapaho Road exits in Richardson, Texas. I was seriously injured.

To summarize my injuries,  I suffered a severe blow to the head (helmets work!), 11
broken ribs, broken clavicle, broken nose, bruised lung, punctured lung cavity, and
numerous cuts, abrasions and bruises. In addition to my helmet, I was wearing
cycle boots, jeans and a heavy
leather jacket that morning. Thankfully it was a
cool morning and that I had made a last minute decision to grab my

I spent a total of 9 days in the hospital, four of which were spent in the Intensive
Care Unit. The remainder of my healing time was spent in a recliner in my home,
literally. The first couple of weeks, I was practically immobile. Ever brush your teeth
sitting in the living room? Even simple tasks were painful. My wife, Kris, was a
godsend and an Angel! I owe her big time!

Well, how did it happen?

I was traveling down Central Expressway, headed to my office in Richardson, just
as I had done for the previous 18 months. Traffic was heavy as usual with the
typical mix of stalled and moving lanes. The lane that I was in was moving at a
55-60 mph pace when, slightly ahead of me, a van entered my lane at a
substantially slower speed of 10-15 mph.  A last ditch effort to avoid hitting the
vehicle found my brakes locked up with the rear of the motorcycle fishtailing left
and right. I recovered from the first braking attempt but did not recover from the
second. I might have done a better job of braking had there been more time, but
the physics of the accident did not allow it. I saw no other choice or maneuvers
due to traffic in all lanes around me. I laid the bike down on the left side.
The motorist behind me witnessed the event and stopped in time to avoid hitting
me. He relayed the incident to the police when interviewed at the scene. The van
driver was found at fault according to the police accident report. However, he/she
did not stop. Probably because I didn't hit the vehicle. The witness later told my
wife that there was no way the van driver couldn't have heard the squealing of my
tires. I am still searching for the words to thank the witness for his

When viewed a month later at a Metroplex cycle dealer, it was apparent that I had
laid the bike down on the left side. My helmet, now in 6 pieces, also reflects severe
left side damage.

The Helmet
"Vector Shorty"
The Cost: $50
The Value: Priceless

  Because of the severe injuries and the fact that this all occurred in a fraction of a
second, I am still debating whether to ever get back on a bike again. While
healing physically, my emotional feelings are still suffering. I know that if I do ride
again, it'll be with a greater appreciation of the consequences. Thankfully my
insurer promptly issued a check for the repairs (one less thing to think about).

I finally returned to work this week, 6 weeks after the accident.

I sincerely appreciate all of the calls, cards, emails and visits both in the hospital
and at my home during my hospital stay and  recovery. The nurses got a big kick
out of the clutch and brake levers taped to my ICU bed. Thanks guys! :-)

Robert Wiley
Plano, Texas