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Alright Ladies, The first thing we are going to learn is to change the oil on the F6-C Assault Bike. WHAT'S THAT?????? YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS???? WHEN I WANT YOUR OPINION I'LL BEAT IT OUT OF YOU.....NOW DROP AND DO PUSHUPS TILL I GET TIRED!!!  Now for the rest of you who want to learn something, get the following items together:

-    4 quarts of 10w40, 20w50, 20W40, or 10W30 grade oil with an API service rating of SF or SG in accordance with the F6-C FM (field manual/owners manual)

-     One F6-C oil filter

-    One oil pan

-    One small funnel

-     One 17mm box wrench

-    One oil filter wrench or pair of Channel-Lock pliers

The first thing we need to do is place the F6-C on it's side-stand on a firm surface and locate the drain plug on the bottom right side of the engine.

Now using the 17mm box wrench , loosen this drain bolt slightly so you can remove it with your fingers.. loosen this bolt pull the wrench toward the rear of the Assault Bike. WAIT A MINUTE PRIVATE...I DIDN'T SAY REMOVE THE BOLT, DROP AND KNOCK-EM OUT!!!! THEN CLEAN UP ALL THAT OIL!!!...

Now move the oil pan into position under the drain bolt, and remove the bolt with your fingers....DONT DROP THAT BOLT IN THE OIL PAN PRIVATE.

Now let the oil drain into the pan.....when it stops draining stand the bike upright so any residual oil can drain. Now replace the bolt and tighten with the 17mm box wrench. wipe up and spilled oil around the bolt.

Now move up to the oil filter located on the front of the engine directly behind the front fender .If you have a strong grip you can grasp the filter and twist counter clockwise to loosen it. DID I SAY REMOVE IT PRIVATE? NO! NOW CLEAN THAT OIL UP!

If you can't loosen the filter use a filter wrench or a pair of channel locks to do the job...DON'T crush the filter with the channel locks.

Now move the oil pan under the filter, remove the filter and allow it to drain into the pan. Then wipe off the filter mount on the bike.

Now apply a light coat of clean oil to the gasket on the new filter......

And install the new filter on the bike turning clockwise until the gasket seats snug against the mount, then turn the filter 1/4 turn more. The filter should be tight at this point. If you can still turn it without much effort you did it wrong...SO DROP AND START PUSHING YOUR WAY TO CHINA!!!!

Now locate and remove the oil filler cap on the right side of the engine.....

and position a funnel in the oil filler hole.

Now SLOWLY add 3.9 quarts of oil to the bike. If you hold the bottle with the spout at the top it will keep the oil from sloshing as air enters the bottle. Your last bottle of oil should have a little oil left in it. Replace the filler plug when you are done. Now start the bike and look for leaks at the filter and at the drain bolt. After the bike has idled for a minute shut it off and.....

Locate  and remove the dipstick, wipe it off, and with the bike upright re-insert it into the hole without screwing it in.

Then pull the dipstick out and check the oil level. It should be at the line on the dipstick.


You have just completed the oil change for the F6-C Assault Bike. Don't forget to record the mileage and date in the  FM (owners manual) and keep your receipts for warranty verification. The factory requires this service every 8000 miles....Bongo does his every 3000 to keep the assault bike in top form. Remember to take your used oil to your local auto parts store with a recycling barrel.   Message Board    ShopTalk    Just Pics    Valkyrie Hot Links