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  • Title Page- Coolant Change
  • Original Author- Carl Kulow

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Coolant Change


Parts                                                                                       Tools

antifreeze silicate free                                                          10mm socket

distilled water  ONLY                                                              drain pan

drain seal washer                                                                   phillips screwdriver


Note: This procedure is often overlooked be sure to change your coolant every two years to prevent cooling system corrosion.


Note: Motorcycle Consumer News investigated a rash of water pump seal failures in Gold Wings and concluded the cause was from silicates found in regular automotive antifreeze. Be certain to use Honda motorcycle coolant or automotive coolant that is silicate free!

  1. Be sure to do this procedure with a cold engine!
  2. Loosen the setscrew in the radiator cap with phillips screwdriver
  3. Follow the lower radiator hose down to the water pump housing on the front of the engine and remove the very bottom center drain bolt, 10mm
  4. Remove the radiator cap
  5. Drain the coolant into the drain pan


Note: Dispose of the coolant in a safe manner. Ethylene glycol tastes sweet but is very deadly to animals which may come along and drink it if you drain it onto the ground. It is equally toxic to children which are attracted to its lovely color.


  1. Reinstall the drain bolt with a new drain seal washer (careful this bolt can break easily, 7
  2. Remove the left side cover to gain access to the coolant reservoir
  3. Remove the reservoir mounting bolt and the breather hose by the cap
  4. Dump the coolant into your drain pan
  5.  Reinstall the reservoir being careful that all the hoses are in place
  6.  Dilute the antifreeze 50:50 with distilled water not tap water
  7.  Fill the radiator with ~ 4 quarts of this 50:50 mix
  8.  Fill the coolant reservoir to the upper line with ~ 1 quart of this 50:50 mix
  9.  You next want to bleed the air out by putting the transmission into neutral and starting the engine
  10. Run the engine at idle for 2 3 minutes and then blip the throttle 3 4 times to dislodge any trapped air bubbles
  11. Shut engine off
  12. Add coolant to the radiator and to the reservoir to bring up to the proper level
  13. Install the reservoir cap and side cover
  14. Install the radiator cap and its setscrew

The author has done his best to produce accurate information
however; neither he nor the editor nor the web publisher can assume
liability for any damage or injury caused by any errors or omissions in this manual
Use good sense and at your own risk!

ISBN F6-1520CC

First Edition Copyright:  1997-2001 All Valkyrie Riders

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