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  • Title Page- Fuel Tank Removal
  • Original Author- Carl Kulow

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Fuel Tank Removal


Parts: None

Tools: Screwdriver,  Phillips screwdriver, 8mm socket, 12mm socket,  ratchet,  long extension, slip joint pliers, needle nose pliers,  rag.


Warning: Gasoline is very combustible – avoid all sparks or flames. It is also a carcinogen.

1.      Ride bike until you go onto reserve – getting excess gasoline weight out of the tank makes this job much easier.

2.      Unlock front seat with key and remove the front seat.

3.      Turn the fuel valve to OFF!!!

4.      Insert a Phillips screwdriver down the center off the fuel valve knob ~3 inches and unscrew the hidden screw until the whole chrome knob assembly comes loose from the actual fuel valve. You do not need to remove the chrome knob assembly, just pivot it down out of the way.

5.      Remove the front tank bolt using an 8mm socket and long extension.

6.      Remove the rear tank bolt using a 12mm socket. Pry up the rubber block under this bolt – it may be sticking to the frame plate.

7.      Lift the back of the tank a couple of inches being careful not to catch the actual fuel valve on the “brake” line (clutch line).

8.      With the back of the tank raised, pry off the small fuel vent hose at the very back center of the tank. You may or may not need to slide the clamp down the hose first with slip joint pliers.

9.      You can now lift the tank a little higher and see the two hoses that are attached to the actual fuel valve. Lower the tank into place and go to the right side of the bike about 2 – 3 inches behind and level with the ignition switch, you will find these two hoses which are somewhat hidden. Pry off the small hose attached to the right side of the fuel valve – it comes off easily without removing the clamp.

10.  Still working from the right side of the bike, rotate the clamp on the large fuel line so that you can get slip joint pliers on it. Slide the clamp down the fuel line. Pry off the fuel line. It will drip about a teaspoon of gas, so you may want to have a rag under it as you pry it off.

11.  Slowly lift the tank being careful not to catch the fuel valve on the clutch line. Set the tank aside.


Reverse of the above with the following notes:

1.      Slide the two small clamps into place on the hose before pushing the hoses on.

2.      Wet the ends of the hoses slightly to make sliding them on easier

3.      I used needle nose pliers to slide the two fuel valve hoses on from the right side behind the ignition switch. Don’t forget the large fuel line clamp.

4.      Be sure the chrome knob assembly is pointed to the OFF position when connecting it to the fuel valve.  CHECK VAC LINE FOR KINKS

5.      Be sure that there are no kinks in any of the fuel and vacuum lines.

The author has done his best to produce accurate information
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Use good sense and at your own risk!

ISBN F6-1520CC

First Edition Copyright:  © 1997-2001 All Valkyrie Riders

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