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Hard Saddle Bags Quick Removal

The first three pictures are the new specially designed for valkyrie Tourer "Quick Release Pins". They come with the drill bit so you only need to take out the four OEM bolts from each hard saddle bag and drill the hole to eliminate the threads. Then just push the botton in the middle of the pin and replace them where the original OEM bolts were. They will fit very well. When you want to take out the saddle bags for cleaning/maintenance purposes, just push the pin button and pull each pin out. It is a one minute job. Expensives but worth the money.

Now, what is the fun if it is easy to take out the hard saddle bags but still is difficult to take out the ugly bags' guards? This is what I did to resolve the issue:


 Don't tell me is a bad idea. I just cut the rails where the rear fender bolts are attached. As you may notice, the material is VERY hard, so there is no issue with the bags' weight. The piece of metal is string enough to hold the bags with the maximum load. Also the part of the guard that attach to the passenger footrest plate will remain intact.

In the event of a flip of the bike to any side (it may happen), the push force will be against the lower part of the cut, and it is strong enough to hold in place without hesitation. I did a test myself and it worked very good.   Message Board    ShopTalk    Just Pics    Valkyrie Hot Links