VRCC's InZane 1000 Valkyrie March
to the Honda Homecoming

 ~ JULY 25, 2003 ~
 ~ Please Arrive Between 8:00 and 9:00 am ~
 ~ Wal-Mart Store #1595 ~
 ~ Click Here for Address and Maps ~

This year's March will be more spectacular than ever!

If you do only ONE ride this year, MAKE SURE THIS IS IT!



Here are just some of the highlights of the IZ3 1000 Valk March & Homecoming!
bullet A New 2004 Valkyrie Rune will be at the Wal•Mart rally point
bullet The Rune will lead the 1000 Valk March to the Homecoming
bullet Guinness World Record Attempt!

bullet VALKYRIE BIKE SHOW! $1000 Best in Show Grand Prize!

bullet An exclusive VIP Party Tent for
VRCC members only!
bullet Special VRCC Welcome by Honda's Plant Manager, Dan Espenschied
30 Lucky Members will get to ride the Rune on Honda's Test Track!

Rally meeting place: "parking lot in Marysville

click here to get
times and details
Planned Activities at the
8:00am ~10:00am

bullet Honda's 2004 Valkyrie Rune will be on display!

bullet Activities will be broadcast live from a local radio station!

bullet Union County Rotary Club will provide snacks and beverages!
Sponsored by Big Bear and Pepsi.  (Donations accepted)
bullet VRCC members will receive FREE raffle tickets for a chance to win a  ride on the Rune at Honda's Test Track.  MUST be a VRCC member!
bullet Attempt to set the Guinness World Record for largest number of motorcycles on the road at one time.

Planned Activities at the Honda Homecoming!


VALKYRIE BIKE SHOW! $1000 Best in Show Grand Prize!

We will be escorted to the exclusive VRCC VIP Party Tent!

Special VRCC Welcome by Honda's Plant Manager, Dane Espenschied!

Drawing for the 30 lucky VRCC Members who will get to Ride the Rune on Honda's Motorcycle Test Track!
A bus will take the winners to Honda's M/C Test Track to take that baby for a test spin! (Release must be signed prior to ride)


Address: Wal-Mart Store #1595, 15785 US 36 East, Marysville, OH  43040.

~ Festivities will begin at 8:00am at the Marysville Wal•Mart parking lot.
~ To participate in the 1000 Valk March you must be at the Marysville Wal•Mart parking lot NO later than 9:00 am.  Because of the volume of folks participating,
please arrive as early as possible to fill out the paperwork and get your ticket for the Rune Ride Raffle.  Paperwork includes waivers and documentation for Guinness World Record attempt.  You will receive your raffle ticket upon submission of your paperwork. 
You must be a VRCC member to be eligible for the Rune Ride Raffle.
Membership will be verified when you submit your paperwork at the Wal•Mart.  If you're not a member and want to join...
~ 1000 Valk March will depart the Rally Meeting Place (Wal•Mart's parking lot) at approximately 10:00am.  Again,  please allow enough time to get your paperwork filled out.

~ The 1000 Valk March will have a police escort to the Honda Plant.  Like last year, we expect the media to cover the 1000 Valk March, so smile, you're on not so candid camera.


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