Welcome Fellow Hoosier Valkers, and other enthusiasts of fine chrome and shiny motorcycle equipment! My name is Paul Weber and I welcome you and any other riders of  fine motorcycles who wish to join with us for roadworthy fun.

We want to bring you our philosophy on motorcycles and leisure time activities including our favorite steed, the Honda F6 1520cc Valkyrie in all it’s glory!

It is our hope that we can organize the willing to join together for several group events which will bring us out en-mass.  The gatherings of years past have been wonderful sight to behold, as well as a chance to meet and greet and share our passion for life via motorcycling.

Maybe this sounds a like little much, but unless you have ridden the Valkyrie, you just can’t know what we’re talking about.  Those of you who have Valkyries know what we mean! One of our long term goals is to plan at least three seasonal (spring, summer and fall) day- rides in various portions of the state, with someone from the area planning out a route that is scenic, interesting and worthy of a group cruise from other riders coming in from other parts of the state.

That is, maybe we could have a fall ride in or around the Brown County/Nashville area; we could roll the hills of southern Indiana as the green pops out on the trees and fields; we could blast through (at 55 mph?) the flats of northern Indiana. With these rides being planned by the local riders, we shouldn’t have to worry about whether the roadways are good, scenery is tops and a cozy rest stop is along the way for lunch/refreshments along the way or at the end of the line. Each of us surely has a favorite area to ride and would like to share it with other riders.

These rides would be attended by any and all who could make it, and hopefully over a Saturday or Sunday to allow those who work for a living to make it! We would also like to have a presence in any regional or local motorcycle gatherings just to spread the word about our group and expand to others who might benefit from our group, or we may benefit from them!

Most of us are members of the VRCC (Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club) or the VOAI (Valkyrie Owners Association International) BBR or many other club memberships, and we want to support and promote any and all groups that support us. The bottom line is that we enjoy our motorcycles and the fellowship of others who appreciate riding a fine motorcycle in our beautiful state. We are not asking that you be responsible for committees, projects, etc... like most other clubs. We’d like to be able to allow our members who want to ride in an area and have other members ride with them be able to post a message and have someone respond with suggestions. This would allow a local to let you know what to avoid or which roads to ride, and maybe join in on the fun if company is desired!

Our main goal is to promote the fun and fellowship of riding one of the finest motorcycles in the world, and join with others for support on many levels (technical, mechanical, physical {rides, get togethers !} and cyber).

We need any and all input from riders throughout our fine state to determine how we can best serve the needs of our affiliate members. If you have any suggestions, or would like to be a part of our group, please drop us a line and we’ll get you on our e-mailing list so that we could keep you posted on events and rides that may interest you.

We may have a local message board to allow for the exchange of local and regional information as well as links to the national sites. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and please leave us a note to tell us what you think. Many thanks to former VRCC member Scott Townsend for his efforts in getting us together and for getting us on the Web to begin with, and best of luck to Scott who has since sold his beloved Valk and left the area for the left coast...  Good luck in all of your future endeavors Scott!!!

Remember, when you see another biker, wave, even if they aren’t on our favorite steed, after all, we’re all bikers no matter what we ride!

Ride safe and I’ll see you on the road... Keep the shiny (painted) side up!

Paul Weber VRCC #370, Indiana State Contact, VOAI #410/26