Contact Us!

To contact us, simply click on picture of Hoosier Daddy and then send an email to him!. I review our emails periodically and are normally fairly quick to respond.

Our illustrious leader, Paul Weber has been the Indiana State contact person for the VOA and VRCC since their inception. As the lead organizer, Paul has been working to make give our Indiana group a national identity.   We have a great group of riders, not posers and that is what it's all about!    Please direct all questions about our state events, ride suggestions, and other information requests to him.
P7260179.jpg (60252 bytes) Webmaster needed!!!  At this time, Paul is trying  to develop a place for all of the Hoosier Valkyrie owners and riders of other fine machinery a place to visit and meet on a consistent basis. We need a force in organizing the Northern Indiana area and someone to help planning local (northern) events. If you have ideas and suggestions for our fledgling web site, please contact Paul Weber.

Posting stories, photographs, video clips, etc.

As all of you know from real experience, the web sites you tend to visit most (VRCC, VOA) are successfull because content on them changes daily. In order to bring maximum value to our Indiana Chapter participants, we need your help to gather as much fresh content as possible. The type of content we are looking for falls into three categories as follows:

Submission of stories

Submission of photographs

Submission of video clips

We want to extend our thanks to YOU, the Indiana Valkcoholic for your contributions!