Submission of Video Clips!

It is soooo cool to see video of Valkyries on the web! This increasingly popular medium combines video (actually pictures streaming) and audio for that unparalleled ability to convey a message. Some of the more expensive digital cameras now come with the ability to take video and compress it on the same flash card as stores pictures. Here are some guiding principles to consider in getting your video on the web site.

Selection Criteria

In the same way that review stories, we will review the photos that are submitted to the site. In general, the selection criteria is as follows:

(1) Videos are usually short, so make every second count!

(2) Generally, our posting methodology includes just a hyperlink to the video, however, we are working on creating a thumbnail (like the first frame) as an introduction to the video and grab people's attention.

(3) Try to say write a paragraph or more about what we're seeing in the video clip, so that as people review the video they understand the context.

(4) No nudity, or compromising situations should be in the video.

Supported File Formats

Video usually comes in MPG format. This is the format that the Microsoft Media Player will support which is fortunately installed on most PC's shipped with Windows 95, 98, or NT. We may be able to support other formats like MOV (a Mac format) later, but this is all we do today. As we get more experience with this on the web site, we can implement the other formats as necessary.

Intro movie to MDA Miracle Ride in Indianapolis, IN.

If you have any further questions about photographs, then please contact us.

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