2000 Loop for Life
By Jim Morse (click to see)

Methodist Children's Hospital Loop for Life Charity Ride

Got there at about 10:00 am, was preregistered. Was in the middle of the last column of bikes, each column was 4 bikes across with an estimated 80 to 100 rows. Mostly HD, some metrics including GW, Valkyries. Found a Boss Hog (see pic).

Marion Conty Sheriff's Dept. MC Drill Team gave an exhibition. There were then intro's by the master of ceremonies, Q95's Mad Dog Jimmie Matus. A pastor gave a prayer and blessed the bikes. We then saddled up. Took more than 1/2 hour to leave the Marion County Fairgrounds once we got started.

Due to construction on 465, we ran from 5 mph to 80 mph (not while the Deputies were around!). It was great to have all the spectators waving, cheering, clapping, taking pix of us, and honking their horns at us. The Deputies would ride ahead and close off about 15/20 miles of the Loop as we rode around it. Kinda neat to see all those cars/trucks backed up waiting on us to go by!


The Loop took about 1 1/2 hour to complete. Upon returning, the lunch line was open with sausage/buns,chips, and drinks. A live band performed while people ate. The Marion County S.W.A.T. squad gave a demo, complete with a helicopter, to demonstrate a rescue. Prizes were given out at the end of the day. It was a great experience, I recommend it for those who have never done a charity ride like this. Some words of advice: Sun Block!


My name is Scott Townsend, and I work on this site. Although we had published the Loop For Life run on the web site for at least two weeks prior to the run, we are going to have to do better next year. Jim was the only person that was able to get to support this important event...right in the heart of our State.

Next year, we are going to make this a more organized run, and have all Hoosier Valkyries represented at a central spot on the I-465 concourse so that we can make a much bigger statement.


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