Indiana Valkyrie owners unite!

Hey, the question has to be asked:: What's keeping the Indiana Valkyrie owners from getting together like some of the other Midwest Chapters? The answer is just a little motivation, direction, and support from Paul Weber-Indiana Coordinator for VOA/VRCC.

In truth, once you become hooked on the charms of the most awesome bike around, you start to feel a longing that you can't explain. You may even spend endless hours on your favorite road pondering the issue. Then, from way back in your subconscious the question begins to take form, and as the edges of your thoughts sharpen--being very careful not to misjudge that lean angle into the next curve--you finally have it...coalesced into an utterable statement: "What we need is to make a statement, to see the potential of a larger group of Valkyries getting together".

This is my '98 standard after washing and waxing, and there is nothing more frustrating than getting that first bug spat on the windshield. The next modifications are to install Avon Venom R's and Kuryaken pegs (model 4050).

Now that it's out in the open, we intend to get you involved in helping us make that a reality. Actually, one of my relaxation techniques is to close my eyes and visualize riding down some of Indiana's finest roads flanked by dozens (okay, hundreds!) of other like-minded Valkyrie riders. Have you ever been amongst other Valkyries to witness the collective thunder, and appreciative looks from passers-by, and especially the nod of respect you get from other bikers? I have, and all I can say is I want more!

I don't want to sound too wierd here, but there is nothing like seeing the Valkyrie from the rear...especially when she's got the tripple tips installed. I can see people in cages staring with admiration whenever they see them. The solo Corbin seat brings out a little more low and mean attitude, as if that was needed with the flat-six bulging out for all to see.

Paul Weber and I would like to offer you a unique opportunity to become a part of the birthing process for our Indiana Chapter and help provide the direction it is going to require to become successful!

At the same time, Paul and I promised eachother, along with our first contingent of fellow-valkers at our first organizational meeting, that we would not burden you with a lot of grunt work that can detract from the experience of helping us build this state chapter. In fact, the web site, content, photos, and other goodies ... along with the organizational effort needed to get rides together are already taken care of unless YOU decide that you want to contribute!

So, enjoy our infant website and send your pictures and stories so we can provide you--the Indiana Valkyrie contingent--with pertinent information on your steed!

Ride hard, but be smart!

Scott E. Townsend,

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