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Words from Crash

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crash here. 

Boy do these events get bigger or what.  And talk about the new faces.  Well, maybe for you So. Cal. Folks these weren’t new faces, but for someone who has been away for a while, there were a lot of NEW FACES.

That plus NEW bikes too.

Yep, George is sure making points with Sue.  They have his and her models.  As George put it, "Her’s hauls A##.., and mine hauls stuff".  He was hoping a new trigger wheel would help even the odds.

Then there was Chris from Arizona.  (A fellow countryman for me and the first time I’ve met him.)  Guess we need to travel in the Valkyrie circle of friends more often.

I know I am jumping ahead as usual, and should mention the fact of all this note taking and camaraderie was the (seems like now) the annual Blue Angels Air Show, and more importantly to the likes of Brice and Marty [& yes yours truly] is the fantastic FEED that Fukiko & Mike put on.

We need to give them a real big HUZZAH!!

(Send them a Thank You by clicking on the Link at the top of the page.) 

As hosts, you know how to treat your guests Great.  The sign on their front door says it all, "Our house is your house".  Once again I ate to much, and they are asking folks to take "To Go" bags with them.  When I say they had to slave over a hot stove I am not kidding.  It was 92 degrees when we were heading out to the airfield.  That according to the local time & temp clock. 

The weather was really great as well.  Could not have been better with only the slightest of wispy clouds that did not impair one’s viewing of the lively flight line aerial displays.  Obviously, the highlight was the Blue Angels, but some of the other participants do stunt flying with biplanes and old prop jobs that make you believe they could almost hang in definitely in the air.  For those that have never been to one of these air shows, they are breath taking to say the least.

A word to the uninformed though, if you’ve never been to the air station in El Centro be prepared for some pretty warm temperatures.  Shade was at a premium for those that could find it.  For myself, I made a point of wearing light colored clothes.

This year was a little different due to the 9/11 episode.  Instead of being able to park on the flight line (like Mike has been able to negotiate for us in the past), this year we parked in a designated parking lot and walked to the activities.  Not to far and well within reasonable distance.  Fact is, a couple of our newest members (I could not remember their names, but mem#’s were in the 14k’s) actually sat and watched the show from a shaded Ramada adjacent to the parking lot.

A further comment on the security issue.  I need to thank who ever mentioned it, but I was forewarned so I left my leatherman & penknife behind.  They were asking folks about knives and assorted paraphernalia and would confiscate them.

I can’t speak for all the groups that rode to the event as folks came from all points of the compass.  Central to northern Calif. was represented, as was Ariz. that I am aware of.  I rode in a group of about 2 dozen bikes, and it is always a treat going down the interstate having folks notice you traveling/ truckin’ on down the road.  To the best of my knowledge there were no ‘unexpected’ events and everyone came and went with out trouble.

For me it was a pleasure to see some of the old ‘gang’.  Marty was more himself, and "getting better every day".  GaryD was there, looking his chipper self with Sally, Karen, Oz, Jerry, Mary, Dennis (sans Tammy), Ed (we missed you Darcy), Rob, Daryl and so many other folks that I apologize for not remembering them all.

Should mention that (for a change) the Boys did the 50-50 this time.  Gary jumped right in and badgered & cajoled everyone to ‘ante up’.  Actually he did not twist any arms as everyone gladly participates for it goes to helping  SoCal to endure and propagate, plus making someone quite financially rewarded if for only a little while until smarter heads prevailed.

I have to say that I was feeding my face when the drawing was held, and somehow I can’t hear and eat at the same time, but I was told later that Stemnut won the money and even had it in his hands for a short period of time until Mrs. Stemnut took over.

After the food fest, folks departed for their respective digs, some local, some for parts quite distant.

Should mention as a postscript to thank GaryD for bringing a Hardly rider (Ron) along.  It made my friend Verne feel a little more comfortable, as he was the other Hardley rider that attended.  I think they both met with friendly folks that enjoy having the competition ‘along for the ride’ [as long as they keep up].

For those of you able, I look forward to seeing you at Valkyries at the River in Laughlin.

Take care and Ride Safe………………………………Crash

FYI… to any & all who can, you are welcome to come to Arizona and partake and enjoy Bike Week in Scottsdale in April.


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