Who's Going to the Blue Angels


Yokozuna & Fukiko
(Hosts Extraordinaire)

Rob & Daryl

Gale & Karen

Aunt Midge


Len & Irene

Joe & Josie

6Shooter & Gigi

Jeff & Anna

Jerry & Gwendolyn


Mike Hahn

Joe & Donna

Bruce & Stephen

Dennis & Tammy

Ed & Darcie

Gary & Sally

Marc Gonzalo

Pat & Terry



Stemnut & Mrs. Stemnut

Jerry & Mary

John & Jennifer

George & Sue

Kevin & Sandy

Greg & Karen


Six Shooter & Cathy

Alan & Trudie

Richard MacKenzie

Kevin & Debbie

Al Foitag

Two Ft AGL & Katie

Steve Klein

Mike & Joni

Ron & Darlene


 I Wanna Go Too - Sign Me Up 
 Remember, If You're Not On The List - You Won't Be Getting In, 
  So Sign Up By March 3 & Be Sure to Give Us Your License Plate Number 

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If you should be on this list,
& you're not...better

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