Where Should We Go7/21 - 7/25, 2004


Osage Beach, MO - Bill in KC

Lebanon, KS - Captain

Western, CO - Varmint

Manitowoc, WI - Ragnar

Cedar City, SD - RobW

Red Wing, MN - Ebony Rider

Austin, TX - Ski

Bakersfield, CA - Steven Parks

Zanesville, OH - Jonnycap

Knoxville (Honda Hoot) - KansasCityKid

Tempe, AZ - DDenman

Columbus, OH - Stone Cold

Niagara Falls, NY - Scout

Harrisburg, IL - DaveR

Yosemite, CA - Pathfinder


 Tell Us Where You Think It Should Be & Give Us a URL So Everyone Can Agree With You

 Remember, Someone Actually Has to Live or be able to Travel There Easily & Often to Handle the 2 Million Details that go into organizing
 a  Rally.
 It could be YOU