October 21-22, 2006

Bear Hunt

Boy did we have a great ride.
All thought I need to plan better for delays. But all and all it was loads of fun. We left on time but were delayed by traffic and accidents. Got into Mojave around 10:15 and met up with Wayne, Aaron, Carlos, Debra, Bob and Faith .We had 15 bikes and 21 people. By the time we all got gassed up it was close to 11:00 and time to roll. We had lunch at the Subway in Pearsonville and topped off our tanks.

 The road up to Sherman was quite twisty and rough. Many pot holes to watch out for but very beautiful and we did see some wildlife. I was about 25 feet from hitting a fox. Luckily he was faster that a Valk. We made few stops along the way and only had 2 or 3 u-turns. Oh well a ride would be complete without a few u-turns now and then. The road down was very twisty but smooth and lots of fun. We got into Porterville just in time for dinner. The manager of the Black Bear Dinner was waiting by the door for us. I think he was getting nervous because lots of people were waiting to eat. The meal was great and we were all full and ready to go to the motel. Some of us crashed and others visited for a while. I had hoped to get under way by 8:00am on Sunday but as things go we didn't get under way until 8:30. We headed up to the northern part of the park to visit the big trees and site see a bit. Ended up being a long day with some of us getting home around 9:00pm Sunday night.

It was nice to ride with you all and meeting some new members.
Hope to see you on future rides.
I'm going to shoot for November 18th for the next ride.

See you on the road,


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