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and this'n here are the details!

We'll meet where the 138 (to Wrightwood/Silverwood) and the
15 Freeway cross at the

Chevron Gas Station!
Feed station just past San Bernardino at
KickStands up at 10:00am
From there we'll head to Hesperia, to Lucerne Valley, then
to Bartow by taking the less traveled trail.
We'll gas up in Barstow, then it's a short gallop to

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It'll cost us $6.00 to get into Calico, then
we'll see gunfights, and saloons, and the
old west will come alive! (that's what they tell me)
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At 2:00, that lovely Lill at Lill's Saloon will fix us some
special cowboy pizza and drinks before we take

the dusty trail back.
(did cowboys eat pizza?)

So join us as we hunt for the Harley Gang
in Calico Ghost Town

for a six-shooter shoot-out!

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