November 21, 2009

SoCal VRCC's

 Ride Over the Hills to Lake Hughes. 

Ride Report

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  Well I think this ride should have been called Greg R's big adventure!

It all started great with everyone showing up on time. The weather couldn't have been better with a cool and crisp morning and clear sky's.

We made our way over to Little Tujunga Road and up over the mountains. Our first stop was a the Las Angeles County Fire station no. 9. There was a perfect place for us to park and enjoy the view of the Valleys below. Facing southwest you could see down to the San Fernando Valley. Face north and you could see down to the 14 fwy and Acton. We stayed about 45 minutes and headed to our next stop in Bouquet Canyon. Greg R got separated from us and told us to wait for him at the cafe along the route. We waited quite a while and got a bit worried. Jimmy jumped on his bike and went back to find him. A few minutes later Jimmy comes back with Greg riding on back. He said as he was accelerating out of a corner the ujoint broke and left him with no power to the rear wheel. He said he had AAA and would call from the cafe and that we could go on our way. I kept trying to call him to see if he had made it home ok but there was no answer. There was no cell service in the canyon. I finally called Karen at 3:15 and she said that he had called her at 2:30 and the tow truck hadn't come yet. I can't believe the service or lack of service he got from AAA. He didn't get back to his shop until 5:00 pm. Keep in mind this all started at 11:00am. As far as our ride went we had a wonderful ride through all the canyons and made it to lunch right on time. Chili's took good care of us and the food was good. We left around 2:30 to make our way home.

Thanks to all that came out and I hope you all had a good time. I know I did!


See you on the next one.



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