VRCC National Valkyrie Ride-In to Benefit the

Make-A-Wish Foundation®
of South San Joaquin Valley

all proceeds above costs to benefit the above Foundation
Bakersfield is up and running. People arriving early to check things out. Justin running around like a chicken with his head cut-off trying to make it all happen. Thanks Crusader!

VRCC's National Bakersfield Bash Ride-In          
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October 26 - 27 - 28

10/26 - 10/27 - 10/28


 Pics - Pics & More Pics
& Words From Crash 


Sponsored by 

the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club  

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All Rides Start in the Parking Lot of Inns of America
Panama Lane Exit - Hwy 99
6501 Colony St


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Of Course We're Gonna Have Vendors! 

Click Here-888-258-6699

Click Here-888-258-6699

And If That's Not Enough - 
HONDA's 2002 Valkyrie....

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This is going to be a big ride, so consider the following a MUST READ.

Haven't been on a group ride in awhile (or before), then check this out and become more
 comfortable riding with your Bros.  Been doin this for years and think you have it down 
pat, then check this out to make sure we got it right....

We depend on You!

Riding in a Group


Plan on the first Sierra Ride Group (there will be several groups heading out about 10 or so minutes apart) leavin promptly (and we mean PROMPTLY) at 0830 Saturday morning.
(So Be Gassed and Ready to Roll)


We're gonna need some riders with CBs to work with the Ride Leaders.  If you can help out, send an email to Marty Rood


Gettin Ready for the 210 mile - ALL DAY -  Sierra Ride?
Marty & Dave Did a Great  Job on the Ride & the Map!

Click On The Map For more detail)

Loading film in the Camera for the Giant Sequoias?
(There May Be A FEE Required For Entrance Into the "National Monument" Area.  If there is a FEE, it's included in the
Registration Package.  ATTENDEES (those not stayin for the Parking Lot BBQ) will need to reimburse the VRCC for the Entrance FEE.)

We'll have a stop where a side trail will take you to an unusual situation where a 300 year old Blue Spruce has merged with a 300 year old Giant Sequoia to the degree that one is now dependent upon the other.  This is unique in that there are no other examples of two completely different species of trees having merged like this.

(They Grow Em Big Up Here Click on Photo to see larger picture)

(We Won't See This One-
But it Gives You Some Idea)


Starvin Yourself for the Parking Lot BBQ?
Register Here So We'll Know How Big That Pot of Beans Should Be!

We're Expecting a Big Crowd, So Hit the Chow Line Early! Click on Photo for larger version.


Shining Up Your Bike for the Koncourse De' Elegance?
Our Judges Are Recognized Experts In Their Fields!



Be Prepared for a GREAT RIDE!

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Get there early on Friday Evening for the Traditional Dinner Ride (10/26).
(The Dinner Ride Leaves at 4:30 pm.  Be sure to Sign Up if you're goin on this one-space is limited.  We Pick 
The Place-You Pay For Your Dinner.)


Hang in There Sunday Morning for the Daylight Savings, Changing Time, Ride
(25 hour day - 10/28)
(We'll use any excuse to Ride! - Sign Up - We Found A Great Place, 
But You Have to Buy Your Own Pancakes. We leave at


Need a Hotel Room?
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 Ground Zero 
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Remember These Bikes?


Haven't Forgotten The Great Ride, Have You?


And If That's Not Enough - The Return of
Chicks In Chaps!



Valky the Bikin' Squirrel

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