On the Road to InZane

Baker, CA - 108 degrees - and still getting warmer through the Virgin River Canyon

We don't have all these mesas and open space in the BV - it's an island, and a small one at that!

Oh! Oh! The clouds are starting to gather over the mesas.

More clouds and open spaces in Nevada. We don't advertise where to find Virgins in the BV.

More clouds and mesas! We are  in Utah now.

More of Utah as we get close to Zion National Park.

Now we are in Zion - that's a tunnel, with 100s of cars going 5 mph.

From Zion through Red Rock Canyon.

More Red Rock and an oncoming storm on the way to Bryce Canyon.

Dinner and shelter from the rain at Ruby's Inn right at the entrance to Bryce Canyon.

As the day wears on the storms come on.

Bryce Canyon - beautiful in the morning sun. Drive to the end and stop at all the points on the way back.

Amazing beauty - and those good-looking folks from our Brother chapter of the VRCC.

More natural wonders and our ride.

Natural arches and wide vistas in Bryce Canyon and that electric blue bike again.

Obviously the wildlife knows how to pose for food. The head of the BV chapter in full riding gear.

How many great vistas can there be?

There's that couple again!

Still in Bryce Canyon.

More and more Bryce!

Still On the Road to InZane


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