Representative Guidelines

Because of the phenomenal growth of the VRCC we have decided to let folks in different cities within a state become Area Representatives. The representative map page is to help you locate the VRCC Representatives and chapter websites in your area.

This club should be all about getting VRCC members together for riding and sharing the fellowship of the VRCC. As long as members are willing to meet as a group and someone is willing to coordinate where and when to gather, there can be a chapter with an area representative for that group. This is not a political office, this is just someone who agrees to keep to the VRCC mission statement and is willing to post messages or send email to get members together for rides.


If you have additional questions after reading this or would like to be a Country, State or Local Area Chapter rep, please contact VRCC Country, State & Local Area Chapter Leader Coordinator


Basic Rep responsibilities - (you are certainly welcome to do more:)
Frequent open communication through the regional message boards. The goal of the regional boards is to allow a larger number of members to know what’s happening in neighboring states as well as their own. We also encourage reps to encourage members to use these boards to communicate with each other about rides they will be participating in or even places they are going where they would like other members to consider joining them.
(Some states have unique boards, traffic on these channels will be reviewed to decide if they should be maintained or rejoined with the regional board.)

EMAIL: Quarterly email would be great. We have an interface that will allow State Reps and Area Reps (through their State Reps)  to email all members in their state. (OZ is working on a new mapping in the database to allow area reps to email within a range of their zip code so reps can email their target members more efficiently.)

WEBSITE: Monthly website updates are suggested. State and area reps need to share their website, the state website is a resource to tell about activities past and alert members of activities planned throughout your state and can include information about neighboring states. Look over the current websites to get ideas.

EVENTS/RIDES: At least monthly (seasonal in areas with winter) plan to attend rides or meet & greet ride-ins. Don’t feel like you need to do all the work, take advantage of all the organizations in your area listing rides, i.e. other groups in your state or area that are sponsoring rides for various causes and join in. We'd like you to make at least one of these events, or something you plan yourself, an official state supported ride that you will attend.
NOTE: To assist you in planning a Ride or Event check out the VRCC Ride & Event Form.

RECRUITMENT =) Click here to create your own VRCC business cards with the download template. If you would like original business cards with your state &/or chapter information drop an email to The F6Rider Store to review details and if there are any costs.  This is the Admin Tools Overview, explaining what we have provided to allow our Representatives to better communicate with their membership.

State Reps added responsibilities;
Website communication is the responsibility of the state rep and webmaster and should be considered one of the key elements of the State Rep position. It is important to recognize that our membership is web savvy and will expect to use this resource as a way to know what’s happening where and how they can be involved. For information on free VRCC webspace click here.
Having web savvy members doesn’t necessarily mean they understand databases so be sure to keep track of this urlMember Update – You will need to send members to this web page when they need to update their email and such.

Still have questions? Check out the “Did you know?” page

OZ - Has a message for VRCC Representatives. Click here.

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