1st Inaugural Hoosier State Ride...continued

We had over 50 bikes in attendance, and the last count I heard was 47 VALKS in one place at one time. In INDIANA!!! Our goals were met, no, EXCEEDED by the great VRCC membership in Indiana, Illinios, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Florida and even an Oregon plate!!!

I did not personally get to greet everyone, but I hope they all had a part of the sheer joy I got from this gathering. I get goose-bumps (even now as I write this!) when I think about this group outing! The group meeting spot in Greenwood started small, then grew, and grew and grew as more and more bikes arrived!

We have photos and they will be available on our website soon, and we'll send them to oZ/Lamont for posting also if they want. After leaving for Nashville, it was an easy hours ride south. After we were there, we were met by Don Barnes from Ohio with his lovely S.O. Becky (on her own ride!) with two or three other couples in Nashville (our lunch gathering place)!

The looks on the peoples faces as we cruised into town (small village with a single main street and 20 mph limit!) was really amazing. They were totally awestruck! Special thanks for arranging this event go to Scott Townsend for his tireless efforts and webmastering, Jim Morse for his encouragement and leadership (?) abilities!, Don Barnes for his help and guidance (also a drawing give-away), Hal & Chris for their generousity, oZ for his encouragement/generousity/wisdom and help, and especially for all you Midwest/Hoosier Valk riders for making our gathering something I'll always remember and cherish!

You are all GREAT! Looking forward to the next one! See you then...

Keep the shiny (painted) side up!!!
Paul (Hoosier Daddy) Weber VRCC #370, Indiana State Contact

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