South Haven Ride...continued

The Ride from Goshen to South Haven - After a quick briefing in the Krogers parking lot, we left the Krogers parking lot. There were a lot of issues. First, the traffic was very congested, and the parade route was being blocked off by police. After a couple waits for the group to catch up, we got a chance to start heading out on CR 22 north toward Middlebury. For the exact route information, see the following information.

Description of the Route
Maps to help you along the way
General rules and guidelines

As we pulled into Middlebury, I started to get a little nervous for the group because of the compacted limestone that had just be spread over CR 8 towards Bristol, but the group never faultered! Our ride north of Bristol into Michigan was very scenic because we passed several lakes and rivers, frequenly going under sections of tree-lined canopy that made that leg of the ride very enjoyable. The rest of the ride into South Haven was uneventful.

The Restaurant Rondevous! Our first priority getting into town is finding enough parking spots that the group could park more or less together. Being that this is a buzy tourist summer spot, I thought we were very fortunate to find a few parking spots right next to the marina. We walked to the Clementines restaurant from there.


We all had a fantastic time, the staff at Clementine's were polite, the onion rings were great, the the meals all seemed to be to everyone's liking. It took five tables to fit all of us because we were such a big group, they couldn't take us all in one location of the restaurant. Filled up with good food and conversation, we all emerged from the restaurant to talk further and arrange a group photograph.

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