South Haven Ride...continued

As we gathered outside the restarant, the discussion continued to focus on the bikes, accessories, and other modifications we've all invested in over the course of our Valkyrie ownership. I think the Hoosier group and Michigan group re-defined the meaning of the term Valkoholic. In fact, from one perspective, it was downright depressing to see the cool things others had done to their bikes knowing that you've "just gotta have that one more piece of chrome"!

The Group Shot - What an experience to circle around behind the South Haven marina (on the north side of the river) and start positioning our bikes for a group shot. The space we were in was pretty tight, but the group handled their slow speed manuvers perfectly. Take a look at the symentry of this bike formation...the envy of many of the boat owners in the area.

A Funny Incident - I will never forget the (scared) look on the faces of the Harley boys coming out of the local fish restaurant there by the drawbridge as fully 15 Valkyries (mostly black by the way) were in perfect formation waiting for the bridge to let some boats through. Even though they tried hard not to look with some admiration, I think we may have some more future Valk owners in the picture here before long! The sound of all of our collective exhausts (some used 6x6 Cobra/TBR pipes) was just awesome...and demanded a lot of respect from the HD guys.

All in all, the group thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The Michigan group said over and over again how much they appreciated the ride, and since it was much closer for them to join the Norther Indiana group than the Detroit group, promised to stay in touch with our events on the website.

Well, as I wrap up this report, I just wanted to thank everyone for their participation. Also, I need help filling in the captions of all of these pictures. Since each picture has it's own page, please email me with your name, model and year of your Valk, and say something about the mods you've done to the bike, or your SO if in the picture. Once I get this information, I will update the site to allow others to associate your name, face, and bike together.

Other feedback on the VRCC board

Don't forget our next ride September 16th to Brown County (details forthcoming).

Ride hard, but be smart!



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