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So far this has been a great trip. We left San Diego at 6am and headed up the I 15.
  We decided to hit it early and try and beat the heat through the desert. This was the perfect week to leave, it has been 100+ for the last two weeks and today it was in the 80's most of the time but it did get around 100 at 2 pm. We stopped and had a good breakfast about 9 am and then headed for the 395. Traffic was pretty good the whole way. We ran about 4000 rpm most of the way till we ran into some highway workers. Brad and I took this time to look for some criders while we were waiting.  



 Highway 395 is mostly desert, but it is beautiful. I was glad we didn't cook going through Death Valley. One thing I did find out is that they can charge whatever they want for gas in the desert. The 3rd gas stop hit us pretty hard. I think this was the most I have ever paid for fuel, but it didn't take long for me to top that.


Here is a map of the route we took to the Ride In. This is a great highway if you like the high desert. 


Check our highway 395 @ www.395.com

Our next gas stop was in Lee Vining. I thought I paid a lot at the last gas station till I got to Lee Vining. Yes that's right, $2.45 for Super! No that wasn't full service.

Before we took off for the park I stopped to take a pic of my bike over looking Mono lake. One thing I decided to do was to swap out my Corbin seat for a Mustang on this trip. I like the looks of the Corbin but it pushes me to far forward and on a long trip like this it would be a real drag. The Y2K seat is a great seat but is pretty ugly. The Mustang is not that great looking but it looks a lot better than the Y2K seat and feels just about the same. At this point in the trip we had over 400 miles on and I was glad I made the switch.






 The next road we hit was Tioga Pass. It cost 10 bucks for me and 20 bucks for Brad and Norma to get into the park but it was worth it. This was the first stop in the park.



Well it's 530 miles today and we are ready for tomorrow. We are a little burned out but this place gives you life. We should have more folks showing up tomorrow and I will keep you posted on who shows up. Look for day 2 posting.


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